Vintage Sun Machines  

Keeping an American tradition of quality alive!

When you think that this stuff was manufactured 60 years ago, and that it took a lot of abuse in garages since that time,--- it's quite humbling. I just cleaned the front a bit and replaced the protective boots. The patina is perfect and I'll keep it that way

Sun Battery/Starter Tester—Model “Y”

This early 1950's model "Y" battery/starter tester is a tribute to Sun's quality and engineering. It's still working!! Yes it's officially a "Model Y" and not a "BST" Battery Starter Tester, so it has to be a very early 1950's model. I hooked it up and checked it with a modern VOM and Ammeter. The darn thing is "nuts on" with only a very slight variation on the Ampere scale. Simply amazing construction. Just look at those "high current clamps" -- when was the last time you saw something that big on a battery tester?