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Finished — looks pretty good!

Sun Condenser and Coil Tester


This is a Sun CCT-10. I found this little tester on e-Bay and paid WAAAYY too much for it, but what the heck (LOL)


However, this model represents one of the "Holy Grails" in Sun testing equipment. There weren't that many made and subsequently sold. If you’re lucky enough to find one, the small CRT is usually crapped out, or the accessories are lost. You just can't find these units as a complete set very often.


When it arrived, the OHM/MF meter wasn't working so I disassembled it and quickly found out that someone had tried to fix the DV meter before, and totally bent the movement. I had to unsolder the scale and realign the movement.


Talk about a pain. My hands aren't that steady anymore and maneuvering a soldering iron around in such a small space and on such small gauge wire is a lesson in frustration. Anyway, with that problem solved, and after a good cleanup and a few new leads, this one's a "keeper".