Since the woodworking will be done in a separate building, the garage can now be dedicated to car repair and metalworking  tasks. Below are a few pics of the new shop layout. There's more room for some new tools. I bought an HF sheet metal brake and am very satisfied with it. I was going to build one, but for $189 (plus a %10 off coupon) it wasn't economical to build one. I built

We'll never forget !!!

some 28" (18 gauge) metal shelves for my utility closet and the brake handled the bends with ease. So far this little unit has not been over taxed, but for small projects it's a great deal. Next to the brake is a "tear down" table. This was a "must" for me. My wife always complains that I make a mess on the floor and she's right. Dripping oil and fluids always make my life hell when working on a pump, transmission, or a part that just came out of the parts cleaner. This steel table has a drain and catches the mess in a nice pull out drain pan under the table. The lockable drawer is a nice feature for keeping tools and testing equipment from wandering away. I bought this unit for $150 from a local auto supply house that went out of business. That's a bargain!!
Next to the brake is where I park the drill press station and the oxy/acetylene setup.

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