Slowly the new shop is coming together. Actually it's two shops. One for car and metalwork, and the other for woodwork. I promised my wife that the dust and mess created by woodworking would be kept to a minimum in this new house, so there is a separate building that will house the woodworking. Below are some pictures of the new woodworking "digs".

We'll never forget !!!

The 12.5" planer is from HF and has been used extensively to make wood panels for the basement that I'm working on. The Coleman generator was a Christmas present from a friend several years ago. I never used it until we moved. Within a year, we've had several significant power outages that lasted for longer than a day -- needless to say I'm putting in a "transfer switch" at the main panel to make the generator hookup a snap.

The HF 12" sliding compound miter saw was a tough choice, but for occasional use this is a great deal. I've used the heck out of this saw and it works just fine. For $149 this is a deal.

Sometimes HF tools are quality. Two HF tools I've been very impressed with are the Taiwan made 14" (four speed) bandsaw and the 7" jointer. The saw (32208-2VGA) is one of the best bargains in "tool land". Excellent castings and great fit/finish. It is a real workhorse in my shop. The planer is made in China and the castings and fit/finish are fair, but for my  occasional DIY projects this HF planer (31849-2VGA) has performed very well. Fast and efficient.

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