Fall 2009

There have been no improvements to this site because at this time I'm very involved in a Jaguar E-Type restoration. A website will follow this restoration process and will be up in a few months.

Along with that, I've also been collecting and refurbishing some very nice vintage Sun Electric automotive diagnostic equipment. Specifically, a Sun Master Distributor Tester and Sun 1120 Engine Analyzer, along with their cabinets.

Click here for the Sun Testing Equipment page

These project have kept my interest for the last few months.

I've also added to the machine shop. A HF geared head Mill/Drill was a welcome addition to the shop and will make unnecessary tear-down and set-up on the 3-in-1 a thing of the past.

Machining is not my hobby, it's a "means to an end" that supports my interest in vintage British sports cars. So I'll post on this site as my need for parts arises, or something goes wrong with the machine tools and will need to be repaired.



We'll never forget !!!

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