Machine Shop Trade Secrets
Author: James Harvey
ProShop Publishing
12112 St. Mark St., Garden Grove, CA 92845

When Jim Harvey introduced me to his new book entitled "Machine Shop Trade Secrets" I was somewhat skeptical because I have seen many so called "Trade Secrets/Tricks" books that presented neither secrets nor tricks. Most of those works were usually written by someone doing an academic treatise on the subject of metalworking, or a hobbyist trying to write for a particular niche market. In either case, the author never actually spent time in a working machine shop where schedule and cost constraints dictate efficiency.

Jim's book was different. He's a pro machinist who works and succeeds under cost and schedule constraints on a daily basis. That experience is very difficult to convey through a written work. That said, Jim has done an excellent job of chronicling procedures, setups, and pitfalls that could only be gained through years of experience.

For instance;

Tramming -- Most beginners have heard of the concept, but few understand it's importance. Fewer still understand the mechanics associated with tramming a machine.

Measuring -- We all understand the importance of measuring, but how do you setup your measuring tools in order to get proper measurements.

Mistakes -- We all make them, and Jim gives good advice on how to prepare, manage and handle the inevitable.

I was so fascinated with the book, that I read it in one evening. The writing style of the book is akin to having had a friendly and very informative conversation with an "old pro" machinist. Something I'm sure most of us would like to do at least once. Whether you're just starting out, or have been involved in the hobby/trade for years, this book belongs in your library.


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