Well it took a while, but I received four semi-steel casters from Northern Tool. That along with a few mods to the radius cutter, I was ready to machine my lower English Wheel anvils. To start with I opted for 3", 5", and 8" radius anvils, as well as a flat anvil. To do that, I needed to machine another arbor in order to mount the 4" casters. No big deal, I just took a piece of aluminum rod and machined it down to where I could press fit it into the caster, and as with the top wheel anvil, I drilled and tapped a hold down screw on the front of the arbor. Then I mounted the caster.

We'll never forget !!!

This job was routine, but the arbor needs to fit real tight because it must be installed and removed with a hydraulic press. The screw on the front is just "insurance" so it won't get loose.

Next I mounted and centered the radius cutter on the cross slide and was ready to turn my 5" radius.

"Nasty stuff" these cheap semi-steel casters. They are brittle and flake everywhere.

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