Ok, In order to complete the English Wheel project, I needed a quick way to cut a radius for the each anvil. I planned on making  12", 8", 5", 3" and 2" anvils -- just like my old friend's home-made units. In his case, he turned each radius by using a metal template and he said that this was very painstaking. I definitely didn't want to do that.

I checked e-bay for radius cutters and found several Holdridge cutters going for about $400.00 -- so that was definitely out. Plus they can't cut big radii -- over 6 inches. Checking the web I found several good home made cutters, but again, they were not big enough for my needs. So I came up with the following design.

I took a scrap 4" x 16" piece of channel iron as a base and clamped it to my rotary table. Then I used the old HF44142 turret tool holder (with a 3/8" cutting bit) that I swapped for a  QC tool post and mounted it on the channel iron. Next I put the dead center in the tailstock, and lined up the tip of the cutting bit with the dead center's tip. Obviously it didn't line up, but I took a measurement of the difference and milled the channel iron rails within 1/16 inch of that distance.

We'll never forget !!!

Finished Radius Cutter!

Trial fit and ready to proceed to phase two.

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