Geez!!! When I put the welder pictures out on this page I never imagined that I'd get this much response and feedback on such an old piece of equipment. I mean, I even received e-mail from a gent in Japan asking about the use and setup of this welder. There are definitely a lot of "metal heads" out there who are into good welding equipment.

Well for the rest of you who are here for HF44142 information I suggest that you just skip the next two pages. For you dedicated AC/DC transformer welder fans -- here you go.

I received a "TON" of e-mail on the comment that I made concerning a TIG pulsing attachment. An onslaught of e-mail suggested that I didn't know what I was talking about when I said that I was looking for a TIG Pulser for this machine. Many youngsters (God bless 'em) suggested that I was a little "light in my loafers" and that Miller never made a Pulser for this machine. They made mention of the fact that the pulse option is only available with IC controlled welding machines and that the Dialarc HF-P machine is too old to use with pulse control.

Well, they're right! As far as I know Miller never made a Pulse unit for this series, but other manufacturers have been making Pulser units for welding machines for quite a long time -- decades even. It took a while but I managed to track down such an antique from AIRCO. The Air Reduction Company was sold years ago (it's a pity -- AIRCO and Linde pretty much invented many of today's standard welding techniques) but their equipment lives on. The unit that I found was a dilapidated and worn out Pulser for use on AIRCO Heliwelders. AIRCO Model Number PTC-1A.

We'll never forget !!!

The unit was working, except for two rheostats, the fuse holders, and most of the internal wiring needed work. I decided to rebuild it, but first I had to figure out what parts were needed and do some major cosmetic work on the case -- it was rusted to all hell.  Much of the internal amperage and contactor wiring was cracked and needed to be replaced. So I stripped the case and took the wiring harness with me to Radio Shack. After a couple of hours I came back with a new set of parts and fairly big bill.

Here's the
finished product!!

It's clean, painted, safe and functional again.

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