Well it was bound to happen sooner, or later. I finally went too far when turning a brake rotor and sheared the roll pin that holds the lead screw to the primary clutch. I wasn't watching the cut while using the power feed, and the cutter got stuck in the rotor while the lead screw just kept on twisting. In fact it torqued itself to such an extent that it wouldn't budge a millimeter. The only choice I had was to remove the entire lead screw assembly along with the lower gearbox of the cross slide table.

In retrospect, I'm glad that this happened -- for two reasons.

  1. I learned that this machine is a very basic design and that I shouldn't be afraid of "digging" into these mechanisms when they don't function properly.
  2. The castings that make up the lower part of the cross slide (gearbox and fittings) are VERY rough, and full of casting residue (sands, grit, metal filings, etc) and there is absolutely no lubricant in there. This could have been a point of failure ---- very soon.

I think that every 44142 owner needs to take this lower cross slide gearbox apart and properly clean and lube the mechanism -- otherwise they're just asking for trouble.

Well, back to the story. To remove the lead screw, you have to remove its primary gear (in the gear cabinet), remove the primary clutch housing bolts, the cross slide table, the thread dial and the lead screw carrier at the far end of the ways
(See pics.)

We'll never forget !!!

1) Remove primary lead screw gear and slide adjuster assembly (arrows). Be gentle with the nut and washer. A small gear puller may help in removing the gear.
Also don't loose the small shaft "key" that aligns the gear to the input shaft.

2) Remove (2)-- primary clutch housing bolts and (2) dowel pins

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