"The HF44142 is unpacked !!"

We'll never forget !!!

The machine was ordered before the July 4th weekend and it arrived about two-and-a-half weeks after that. HF offers free shipping on their machine tools, but it takes a while to get the item to you. This is a mystery to me because I have ordered other heavy duty items such as welding equipment from HF and most of that arrived within a week. I guess if the product ships from California  ……you wait.

But no matter there are plenty of preparations to make before the machine arrives. First off -- how are you going to move this behemoth once it arrives. We'll address that issue in a bit.

In my part of the country HF ships via Yellow Freight and I have to admit (after many disappointing run-ins with freight forwarders) that the folks at Yellow Freight are true to their word. All of the large HF products have always arrived within the set delivery schedule and in one instance the driver put in overtime to get my crate delivered as promised. They always deliver via a "lift gate" truck and that makes the job much more simple (BTW Enco charges a premium for "lift gate" delivery)

Once the crate is sitting in your shop (and preferably before the driver leaves) take a moment to inspect the contents. In my case the crate looked undamaged but once I removed the side panel I found that the emergency cutoff switch had broken off during shipment. This is not a big deal, the switch sticks out very far

Next we'll see how to move the machine and what's required to get it onto a sturdy worktable.

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