The HF 3-in-1 does not come with a 4 jaw chuck. After looking around for a while I found a chuck, but none of the usual vendors had a faceplate to fit the chuck. The only solution was to make one. While looking through the Yahoo 3-in-1 group some members made mention of a viable alternative. Use a cheap cast iron bar bell weight to machine a custom plate.

"Nuff said" -- I bought a plate at Wal-Mart and went to work. Only problem is that I had never done this type of job before so I was going on pure luck. Anyway, here is the plate that I bought for $4.00.

We'll never forget !!!

The price was right, and even if the work was going to be a bust -- nothing much lost except for my pride. The weight is ten pounds so a lot of iron will have to come off, but first I'll have to mount it on the headstock.

Removing the standard 5" - 3 jaw chuck from the headstock is a pain. The headstock backing plate does not provide enough clearance to remove the chuck mounting bolts unless you go though some very rough contortions and unscrew the bolts in series -- a couple of flats at a time. The fix is to grind a small relief into the headstock retaining plate in order to remove the bolts one at a time.

Note: Newer 44142 models have a relief already machined into the plate. Just run your finger around the underside and you will find it. You can then reposition the plate accordingly.

With the help of a die grinder and a series of polishing stones a small relief was ground to allow the removal of the mounting bolts. Next I took the chuck and placed it on center with the weight. Although you can't see it I used a small section of wooden 1.25" dowel to center the weight and the chuck. Place the dowel in the center hole of the weight, place the chuck on top of the weight and scroll the jaws around the dowel. That should provide a good setup for marking the bolt circle. 

First part's done!!

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