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We'll never forget !!!

So I decided to give it a "make-over". I took it apart, cleaned and replaced some parts, cables, and finally gave it a nice "fire-engine red" paint job. Still works great!! That's "old faithful" sitting on the shelf. I don't use it that much anymore, but in it's day it boxed many a frame, repositioned engine mounts, welded rear end brackets, and even had a carbon arc torch to braze sheet metal. Hmm -- wonder where I put that c/a torch.

Before MIG there was Oxy-Acetylene and it was the only practical way to do sheet metal welding. I bought this dual-stage unit in 1977 when I received my first paycheck as an automotive technician. I was fortunate enough to meet people that taught me how to effectively use that torch. Over the years I learned to "hammer weld", spread lead on steel body panels and to weld aluminum. It's still quite useful when working on old British "rust buckets".

Old ways must eventually give way to new, hence the MIG. This machine is from HF, but is not a Chinese import (imagine that!!), but of Italian manufacture. Very good quality. It's a pleasure to weld with this machine -- I use a 50/50 mix of Argon/CO2 which seems to fix better on old rusted frames. I'll admit it took a bit of convincing to give up the torch, but the quality of the weld and the speed at which you can lay down a bead is incredible.

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