"Shop Pictures"

Here are a few pictures of the shop to give you an idea of the overall layout. It's not very large but for a one man hobby operation it's ample space. Below is a close-up  of the layout bench, it's a little crowded, but works very well.

We'll never forget !!!

I use the arbor press to push home brass sleeves on brake, master, clutch and slave cylinders before they get turned to size on the lathe.

Next time I do a job like that I'll take pictures and post them on the web.

As of Summer 2006 I'm in a new house and new shop space. Actually it's two shops. A woodshop and a garage/machine shop.

            New Woodshop and New Garage/Machine Shop

"A Shortlist of the Shop Equipment"

"The Compressor"

You "gotta" have one of these! I use a lot of air tools and over the last ten years burned up two of those 30 gallon, direct drive "heavy duty" models. While a friend bought one of these 60 gal., 6HP, 220v PUMA's from HF several years ago and I swear he's never changed the oil, tightened a belt, or did any maintenance on that unit (except drain the tank every now and then) and it just keeps chugging along without any problems. That was good enough proof for yours truly, so the PUMA is part of the shop.

It pumps air like there is no tomorrow. I believe that these units are made in Taiwan. Forget direct drive and Teflon coated cylinders -- give me cast iron, splash lubrication and a drive belt any day. Besides this compressor is twice as large as the others and runs a lot quieter than the direct drive units. They are worth the extra money because it'll be a long time before I buy another compressor. Under the layout bench sits an old 7.5 gallon Montgomery Ward 1/2 hp compressor that I bought 25 years ago. It still works like a champ. I use it to blow up pool toys and the occasional tire.

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