I received some e-mail recently, which addressed the fact that the standard HF 39083 tool post is inadequate for tracking with the 17" swing of the HF 44142. In addition, my e-mail friend mentioned that he can't square the tool post and that all of his "X" axis compound cuts have incorrect tapers. Although HF advertises this tool post as an accessory, I have to agree with my e-mail friend, the 39083 Q/C tool post is a bit underweight for this 3-in-1 machine. In addition, squaring the post can be a royal pain since there is no way to index the post to a fixed position. First of all the post requires some real modification to make it useable on the HF 44142. For instance, the picture below shows that the Q/C post doesn't fit completely on the OEM turret mount.

We'll never forget !!!

Notice the gap!! The Q/C post is significantly undersized and the OEM ball-detent on the turret base will not engage the lock on the Q/C tool post. Since there is not enough room on the tool post to drill a reciprocal hole the

spring and ball will have to be removed and discarded. This presents a bit of a problem since we now have no way getting a positive square position fix on the post. The quick fix is to obtain a trusty 60° threading gauge along with a 60°cutting bit to develop a baseline 

square from scratch. The important point here is that the initial setup on the HF44142 can be very easily accomplished in just a few minutes using these simple tools.  Here's how I do it!

First I take my compound and set it to absolute 0° -- I make the lines match perfectly and then tighten the compound. Next I setup my Q/C tool holder with a 60° tool bit (I use a manufactured carbide bit for this) and lock it in place. I then backup the

carriage just a bit past the lathe chuck. I place the gauge parallel to the chuck and guide the 60° bit into the gauge. (next page)

Setting the compound to 0° -- This is critical because once squared the compound will be the only real reference you have for positioning angular cuts.

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