"The Infamous HF39083 Q/C Tool Post"

We'll never forget !!!

Ok! You've ordered the machine and added a few "goodies". Chances are you bought a HF39083 Q/C tool post kit to complement your machine. If you bought the HF44142 you'll soon find out that although HF recommends this kit for your machine, you'll have to modify the mounting plate to make it fit the "T" slot in the compound slide.

Actually--HF wants you to get a quick lesson in using your mill so they oversize it intentionally.

The kit is made in India and is of fair quality, the worst being the threads on the post screw, and the oversize mounting plate (on my setup at least). Well don't just stand there "mill something"!!

This is actually a blessing in disguise because it allowed me to try out the mill using both a manual and automatic feed. The advantage of the 3-in-1 machines is that by using both milling and turning controls you can power feed the table.

I fed the first cut by hand and you can see the contrast in the finish. The picture shows the plate a little more than half way through it's second cut using the power feed. It came out beautiful and fit like a glove. All-in-all I removed about .025" from the plate. I have heard from others that this plate has a wide size variance so measure it properly and take light cuts.

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