We'll never forget !!!

A clean and organized shop is a pleasure to work in. To that end I'll use this page to post some of my projects. Problem is that until a few weeks ago I didn't own a digital camera (should have bought one a long time ago). In fact it was the camera that motivated me to setup a page dedicated to my machining interests.

Since most all of my finished work goes back on a car I can't display it statically like those great model steam engines that some of our colleagues display (those guys are real artists).

But I have a few new things planned -- so stay tuned and I'll post as soon as I get a  chance.


R. A. Sommer


  1. Hydraulic Press Shaft Bushing
  2. Fournier Mandrel
  3. Faceplate for 3-in-1
  4. AIRCO TIG Pulser (not a machining project)
  5. English Wheel--Upper
  6. English Wheel--Lower Anvils
  7. English Wheel-Anvil Holder
  8. Ray's Fast'n Easy Radius Cutter

HF 44142 Maintenance:

  1. 44142 Oil Change
  2. Lead Screw and Mill Table Removal
  3. Rumble in the Headstock (New!!)
  4. Aux. Shaft Oil Leak (New!!)
  5. AC Motor Capacitor Replacement (New!!)


I've been busy working on my Jaguar E-Type restoration, and have added some equipment to the garage.

Restoring Old Sun Testing Equipment (New)
New Machine Shop (New!!)


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