On my machine I use an R8 collect chuck to hold the end mills. The chuck is very easy to install and the collets are simply inserted into the bottom of the chuck and tightened down with the end cap.

I match the end mill shank diameter to the collet size and I'm ready to install. Please be careful when doing this step. End mills are not like drills (drills are  only sharp on the bottom, mill flutes can cut along their entire edge) they are razor sharp and will slice your fingers to the bone if you hold them in an

We'll never forget !!!

unprotected hand. I use a clean shop towel to insert and remove the mills. I've cut corners when doing this and have the scars on my hands as proof of my negligence. 
Use a towel-- it's the only safe way to do this.

The R8 chuck comes with a special spanner wrench to loosen and tighten the end cap. I hold the spindle with my left hand and tighten with the right (not too tight though, you don't want to damage the collet).

For some of the smaller shank end mills I have to put a little extra pressure on the spindle in order to get a tight fit. In such cases I use a small strap wrench to hold the spindle (see below) and then I tighten just a bit more with the spanner wrench.

Good Luck!!

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