The HF44142 3-in-1 sports two Chinese made, heavy duty cast iron motors. They're ugly, but very functional. Before each use of the machine I make sure that the belt tension is correct (1/2" deflection with a light push of the finger). My machine requires that I reset the tension every couple of days (most likely the cheap Chinese belts are stretching). In a few instances I've heard were quality problems caused these motors to fail within a short time of use. They are rated at 3/4 hp and provide enough

We'll never forget !!!

torque to power the mill and lathe through large projects. On really big projects (milling a V-8 cylinder head for example) the 3-in-1 can't compete with the larger 2 hp + mill/drills, and knee mills. So I try use good judgment when I attempt a project.

One accessory that I have used quite a lot is this Enco tilting mill table. I use it to align odd shaped parts (such as brake calipers) for angular cuts. It measures 7x10 inches so things get a little tight on the mill, but there is enough room for some serious angle milling.

Another indispensable item is this 3/8" clamping kit. The kit along with tilt table allows me to mount items in most any position. I get  a 101 uses out of this very inexpensive set. The "T" slot nuts that come with this kit won't fit the HF44142

But you can order the proper size from Enco or Grizzly. I ordered from Grizzly (part # G9511 contains four nuts) and the part arrived within two days.

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