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When you do machining work you need to be careful not to overload the machine, or yourself. If you rush things, you get careless, and that's when accidents happen. If you have long hair -- pull it up under a cap. Take off loose bracelets and jewelry. Some basic common sense rules of thumb are a must.

Safety Goggles and Face Shields:
Get into the habit of wearing the safety goggles full-time when working around the machine -- even when it's not turned on. When you do turn it on wear the face shield over the safety goggles. Yes, it's inconvenient, and yes it's a bother but you have to get into the habit. Fresh cut swarf is "HOT" and can fly in all directions -- it can easily bounce off the safety goggles and into your eye. The face shield is a must, so force yourself to use it and eventually it will become a good habit.

I have safety goggles spread all around the shop so I don't have to look for a pair in case I forget where I put one pair down. The same goes for face shields -- a pair will do nicely. Besides I have friend dropping by all the time and they need to be protected as well.

Chip Brushes:
You need 'em. Don't try wiping swarf with your bare hands or a rag. Those metal shavings are sharp as a razor blade and will cut you just as quickly. Use a set of coarse brushes (1, 2, and 4 inches wide) to sweep up. Your hands will thank you.

You can get away with having a beer when you're washing your car, but it's a "no, no" when you do serious maintenance on the vehicle, or are working with machine tools. Wait until the job is finished, and the clean-up is over to celebrate your accomplishments.

Pets and Kids:
Don't do any work with pets and small children present. Kids naturally want to touch things and that can be disastrous in a machine shop. An environment filled with flammable oils, swarf, welding slag, impact and rotating cutting tools, is no place for youngsters, or pets.

Take care of your loved ones when you work with metal!

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