After four years of hard use, I wasn't too surprised when after a long evening's session, I heard a very distinctive "click" in the motor while doing some heavy turning. The sound was definitely an "electrical pop" and made the lights dim. I quickly hit the emergency switch and proceeded to inspect the motor. Fist off I noticed that the motor housing was very hot to the touch and there was a slight burnt smell. I let it cool, and then proceed to turn it back on. It started, but was very slow and got hot fast.

Since it would start, the most obvious problem is the "start" capacitor and in order to inspect the thing properly I had to pull the motor. The most difficult aspect of this procedure is the removal of the motor pulley form inside the gear cabinet. Here's the way I tackled it.

  1. First off, the pulley is held on the shaft by a hex setscrew which has to be removed with a small hex key wrench.
  2. Remove the pulley: Good Luck!! You'll need a gear puller and deep 1/4 inch drive socket and extension. Take the 1/4 inch drive deep socket and attach the extension (see pic below).

We'll never forget !!!

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