While I was in the headstock gearbox, I wanted to stop a very nasty oil leak in the gear cabinet. The arrow shows where the leak was coming from. It was so bad that it would leak a quart of oil in less that two days. Because I was using the machine a lot, I worked around the problem by simply refilling the gearbox, but after a while the leak was overwhelming. Obviously the oil seal was bad, and after looking at the manual, I saw that the only way to replace the seal was to pull the shaft from inside the gearbox.                                 

We'll never forget !!!

The second pic shows the shaft in question. It's the lower geartrain that is actuated by the (3)-speed lever on the front of the machine. Notice that the gear train slides along

a small groove in the shaft. To start with, I removed the three hold down screws on the front of the shaft hub (small arrow in the first pic). Next, I removed the "C" clip that holds the shaft from inside of the gearbox (see arrow in pic 2). The best way to get the clip out is to use a long punch and drive it off the shaft with a few light hits from a hammer. Once the clip is removed, you can pull the entire shaft (from the outside cabinet) through gear train.

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