Policy & Org. Analysis

Course Description

Organizations are dynamic in nature and thus subject to many positive as well as negative influences that are directly exerted by employees, competitors, partners, consultants  and indirectly by regulatory and policy guidelines. In this course we will study organizational dynamics from a formalized and process-based analytical perspective. To accomplish this goal we will focus on a management consulting perspective, and look at the various analytical approaches that analysts use to provide factual information to upper management. The “tools of the trade” for management consulting are diverse and we will discuss several in this course.

Course Objectives

This course is designed as an indepth study. However, you will not be required to demonstrate extensive statistical, mathematical or information systems expertise. We will however...

  • Develop a conceptual understanding of organizational analytical methods and tools; specifically how they are used to model functional organizational structures,
  • Understand the importance of cross-functional process management and the requirements associated with supporting complex regulatory and policy architectures,
  • Define an indepth methodology for analyzing the organizational planning cycle and how this impacts  personal/professional agendas.


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