Org. Processes & Tech.

Course Description

This course introduces the student to the modern extended and integrated organization.The focus is on the managerial and policy aspects of creating and managing modern information technology enabled public and private sector organizations. It is clear that organizations have been in transition, and the transition is continuing. Organizational change is rapid and dramatic.Management models based on hierarchical command and control structures have been displaced in the private sector and are being challenged in the public sector. Information systems are being realigned around processes, and organizational power is mirroring this realignment. The process-oriented and integrated model has been extended to include customers, suppliers, and other claimants and stakeholders.

Course Objectives

In this course we will consider two very different ERP design and implementation paradigms. One paradigm (process oriented ERP, e.g., SAP) clearly favors the internal integration aspects of process change, while the other paradim (function oriented ERP, e.g., Oracle Applications) favors external integration aspects. Benefits can be obtained from each paradigm, yet many top level managers do not understand the complex business integration and technical implementation issues that must be addressed before making such a selection.


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