Consultant, US Army - Enterprise Resource Planning Architetcures

  • SAP R/3 Architecture and Integration Planning

Consultant, US Navy - Enterprise Resource Planning Architetcures

  • SAP R/3 Architecture Development

Consultant, Committee for Aviation and Space Industry Development (Govít. of Taiwan R.O.C.) (2000)

  • Developed E-Commerce strategy for Taiwan aerospace suppliers

Consultant, Boeing Aerospace Corporation, Philadelphia, PA (2000)

  • Built e-commerce trading hub prototype for Taiwanese Boeing supply chain

Consultant, Calibre Systems Inc. Falls Church, VA (1995 - 2000)

  • Develop ERP strategy for government clients

Consultant, Corporate Synergy Development Office (Govít. of Taiwan R.O.C.) (1998 - Present)

  • Developed e-commerce and B2B strategy for Taiwanese SMEís participating in US supply chains

Consultant, Novell Corporation (Herndon, VA) (2000)

  • Developed process model for internal customer/supplier management system

Consultant, Naval Air Systems Command  Patuxent River Naval Air Station, MD (1999 - Present)

  • Modeled and helped define ERP process requirements for SAP implementation

Consultant, National Tsing Hua University (Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C.) (1997 - Present)

  • Designed and built e-commerce laboratory for Industrial Engineering Dept.

Consultant, Industrial Technology Research Institute (ITRI) - Taipei, Taiwan R.O.C. (1997-98)

  • Developed a series of training seminars on ERP and enterprise integration.

Consultant, NIST - Manufacturing Extension Partnership, Martinsville, VA (1996)

  • Developed a small business IT integration architecture for NIST SME customers

Consultant, GAMA Industries (Construction Group), Ankara, Turkey (1996-99)

  • Designed an integrated process architecture in preparation for a large scale ERP implementation

Consultant, AEROQUIP Corporation (Automotive Group), Bassett, VA (1996)

  • Designed an integrated accounting and HR solution in preparation for new corporate ownership

Consultant, O-Tech International, McLean, VA. (1995 - Present)

  • Designed and implemented a reengineered corporate process value chain

Consultant, RADVA Expanded Polystyrene Division, Radford, VA (1994-97)

  • Designed a new cross-functional process management model along with a change management plan

Consultant, AGC Industrial, Manassas, VA (1994)

  • Developed the requirements for a new mid-range ERP system

Consultant, Advanced Systems Technologies (ASTEC), Crofton, MD (1996-99)

  • Developed a new wide area network and application architecture

Consultant, University of Lima, Lima, Peru (1997-98)

  • Co-developed a three day ERP seminar for large businesses in South America

Consultant, Republic of South Korea - Joint Chiefs of Staff (1998)

  • Developed a three day seminar to introduce the primary concept of the Joint Operations and Planning Execution System (JOPES) to the Korean ARMY

Consultant, KNowledge Information Technology Co. Ltd. (KNIT), Seoul S.K. (1998  Present)

  • Developed a process modeling and requirements traceability course for this customer

Consultant, DELMARVA Foundation for Medical Care, Easton, MD (1998-99)

  • Developed a change management plan

Consultant, Chesapeake Center, Springfield, VA (1999)

  • Developed an Internet strategy and IT architecture

Consultant, Association of Oil Pipelines, Wash. DC, (1999)

  • Redesigned the existing Inter- and Intranet within a LAN/WAN architecture

Consultant, United States Trade and Development Agency (USTDA) (1995)

  • ERP and process management redesign for the following Indonesian agencies.

             Indonesian Investment Coordinating Board (BKPM) (1995)

             Indonesian National Logistics Agency (BULOG) (1995)



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